The .NU Domain Breaks The Price Barrier For Complete Web Presence

The .NU Domain Breaks The Price Barrier For Complete Web Presence

.NU InstantWeb Service for $49.95 Provides Complete Web Package, Including .NU Domain Name, Web Hosting or Web Forwarding and E-Mail Forwarding Capabilities

New York, New York, December 9, 1997 – Fall Internet World – The .NU Domain announced today at Fall Internet World the availability of the .NU InstantWeb, a $49.95 per year Web presence package which includes registration of a .NU Domain name, Web hosting or Web forwarding and e-mail forwarding. The .NU InstantWeb is the first low cost way for Internet businesses and users to get an easy-to-remember domain name and Web site, enabling businesses to build brand identity on the Internet and giving end users a quick and simple way to get a Web site and domain name up and running instantly and securely.

The .NU InstantWeb’s break through price of $49.95 is significantly lower than other offerings, where users must pay $100 to register a .com domain name and then between $29.95 to $49.95 per month for the Web hosting, Domain Name Server (DNS), and e-mail capabilities.

“Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) businesses are the fastest growing market on the Internet and many of these business are unable to get a short and meaningful .com domain name,” said Stafford Guest, administrative manager at the .NU Domain. “Additionally they may not have the technical or human resources to internally handle Web services.” With the .NU Domain’s wide-open name availability, .NU InstantWeb services give SOHO businesses literally the domain name they want, with Web hosting or forwarding services at a very low price, so they can implement Internet marketing and e-commerce programs, while concentrating on their core business.

The .NU InstantWeb services also make sense for anyone who wants to communicate a personal or public message on the Web, including game scores or schedules for children’s sports teams, birth announcements, community fundraising projects, wedding announcements or family reunions.

.NU InstantWeb Hosting

The .NU InstantWeb Hosting service offers both Web novices and developers of new Web sites a combination of their own recognizable .NU Domain name with low cost Web hosting services. The .NU InstantWeb Hosting service includes: a home page that can be easily designed by any user, one year registration of the .NU Domain name, virtual hosting of, e-mail forwarding to a user’s HotMail, AOL or any other e-mail account, and primary and secondary name servers, all for a low $49.95 per year. The service also includes an upgrade path to a developer-class web site with 50M bytes of storage, MS-Frontpage extensions and SSL support.

.NU InstantWeb Forwarding

The .NU InstantWeb Forwarding service offers a simple recognizable .NU Domain name to the millions of AOL, GeoCities and other customers who have Web sites that may be buried in an endlessly long meaningless domain name with a litany of tildes and slashes. Now, users can register a .NU Domain name and use that simple .NU name as the URL for any existing Web site at AOL, GeoCities or anywhere else. The .NU InstantWeb Forwarding service includes: registration of a .NU Domain name, Web URL for forwarding to any Web site, e-mail forwarding to a user’s HotMail, AOL or any other e-mail account, and primary and secondary name servers, for just $49.95.

Pricing and Availability All .NU InstantWeb services are available immediately. The .NU InstantWeb Hosting service is priced at a low $49.95 per year. The .NU InstantWeb Forwarding service is also priced at a low $49.95. Both the .NU InstantWeb Hosting and .NU InstantWeb Forwarding services include .NU Domain name registration, e-mail forwarding capabilities and two Domain Name Servers (DNS). Current .NU Domain users can upgrade to the service for $24.95 plus a one time $10 modification fee.

About The .NU Domain The .NU Domain is managed by the Internet Users Society – Niue, and the Savage Island Network in Niue, with cooperation from the government of Niue. Key players in launching the .NU Domain include J. William Semich, technical manager in the US, Stafford Guest, administrative manager in Niue and Richard St. Clair, founder of the Savage Island Network in Niue and the primary force behind bringing the Internet to Niue. Semich is also an editor at Mecklermedia Corp.’s Internet newspaper Web Week. St. Clair is also a Peace Corp volunteer who managers the Niue government’s computing systems. Guest is also the editor and publisher of the Niue Economic Review and is the Niue correspondent for New Zealand International Radio.

The .NU Domain offers a robust but low cost alternative to the .com domain name in an international model which targets end users and the small office home office (SOHO) market, as well as Internet users in countries with restrictions on the domain name registration process.

The .NU Domain is an all-new approach to Internet domain name registration services. Its primary name server,, is located at a three-way multi-homed, high-bandwidth, fault tolerant 45 Mbps Internet access point in the US; it is backed by seven powerful secondary name servers located throughout the world to give its users fast international DNS lookup capability no matter where they are located. DNS support for the .NU Domain is provided by the established Internet authority Acme Byte & Wire, which was founded and is managed by internationally recognized DNS and domain name security experts, Cricket Liu and Matt Larson.

Current .NU registered customers are located in more than a dozen counties throughout the world, including Sweden, Norway, the UK, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, France, the Canary Islands, Australia, Canada and the Philippines, as well as the US. To access the .NU Domain name registration service please visit our web site at