.NU Domain Proposes Spending Controls for New IANA

.NU Domain Proposes Spending Controls for New IANA

SHERBORN, Mass., Oct. 2, 1998 – In response to the White House’s request to draft language to address the concerns that the .NU Domain Ltd (www.nunames.nu) has raised regarding the latest bylaws for the new IANA Corporation, the .NU Domain Ltd today proposed modifications to the bylaws that would give budget approval powers to the groups that will fund the new corporation — its Supporting Organizations.

“The basic problem with the latest of the new IANA Corporation’s bylaws is the apparently-intentional lack of board accountability to the public,” said J. William Semich, president and chief financial officer of the .NU Domain Ltd. “The result will be an organizational structure similar to an independent public authority”.

“The language we are proposing for addition to the bylaws will guarantee spending controls and fiscal accountability for the new IANA, including budget reviews, a bond review process, limits on spending levels, and a budget monitoring and approval process,” continued Semich, “while still assuring continued stability of the Internet services IANA currently provides.” Semich is the former chairman of the Finance Committee of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and co-author of “Inside the Shadow Government,” an award winning investigative article on public authorities.

The language of the proposed modifications to the IANA bylaws was jointly developed by Semich and .NU Domain Ltd’s corporation counsel, Harold J. Carroll, a partner at Gadsby & Hannah LLP in Boston. Carroll is the former Chief General Counsel of the Boston Redevelopment Authority and former Corporation Counsel for the City of Boston.

In a letter sent today to White House senior advisor Ira Magaziner, the NTIA and IANA (and which can be viewed at http://www.nunames.nu/spending-controls ), the .NU Domain Ltd’s proposed additions to the IANA bylaws call for the following requirements:

That the Corporation submit an annual budget request and service plan to the Supporting Organizations for review and approval or reduction;

That all long-term bonding or bond refunding requests receive a 2/3 majority vote of by the Supporting Organizations;

That the Corporation manage annual spending levels to stay within its approved annual budget;

That a guaranteed, maintenance of effort, level of funding be provided to the Corporation regardless of any budget reductions voted by the Supporting Organizations, in order to assure the IANA’s existing level of services are maintained. The base “maintenance of effort” level of funding is taken to be the current annual spending by IANA under its contracts with the US Government;

That the Corporation makes all its spending and other information available to the Supporting Organizations as part of the budget monitoring and approval process.

The current US Government agreement with Network Solutions Inc. and the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI) to manage IANA is set to expire shortly. “It these provisions are included in the bylaws to the new IANA Corporation, it would go a long way to assuring public accountability,” concluded Semich.

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