.NU Domain Launches Numeric Domain Names

Medfield, MA – Friday June 6, 2008 – .NU Domain – manager of the .nu top level domain name – will begin accepting registration of Numeric Domain Names on June 10, for the first time allowing registration of numbers-only .nu domain names – such as 247.nu, 123.nu and 3663.nu (the English word “food” on a phone keypad.)

Initial registration – the “Landrush” – for .NU Domain’s numbers-only domain names will start at 12:01 UTC on June 10, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Numeric Names Service will have two price-classes for numbers-only domain names:

A Premium Numeric Name consisting of just 3 characters (like 212.nu) and a Standard Numeric Name consisting of any combination of numbers and hyphens up to 63 characters long.

On June 10, customers can start applying to register numeric names using any of several authorized .NU domain name registrars throughout the world or at the .NU Domain Ltd website at www.nunames.nu.

“Demand for numbers-only domain names has really taken off in the past year across several top level domains,” said J. William Semich, CEO of .NU Domain. “We expect to see a lot of activity as customers compete to get the combination of numbers they want the most.”

In February, when SIDN, manager of the .NL top level domain in The Netherlands, first began accepting registration of numbers-only domain names, the rush of hopeful registrants almost shut down SIDN’s email-based registration servers. During the first day of open registration of numeric .nl domains (known as the “Landrush”), SIDN received 511,274 competing registrations for just 14,409 unique numeric .nl domain names during the first 24 hours of the Landrush period. See: http://www.sidn.nl.

The cost of .NU Domain’s newly available 3-character Premium Numeric domain names is 100 EU per year and the cost of registering a Standard Numeric .nu domain name for one year is 30 EU.

Names that are five numeric characters long, and certain other numeric names of high public or private interest, including 411.nu, 888.nu and others, will not be released for registration during the June 10 Landrush period. .NU Domain will make them available for registration at a later time.