.NU Domain Expands Free Blog Service With RSS-News Service

Free News For .NU Domain Bloggers

Medfield, MA – June 15, 2005 -The .NU Domain Ltd today announced that its free blogging service now includes the capability for RSS-news feeds (Really Simple Syndication). With this new offering, .NU Domain customers can offer readers of their Blogs continuous alerts of any new Blog postings, available directly on their web browsers via an RSS-feed – all for free.

.NU Domain’s free blogging service and development tools allow customers to quickly and simply publish Blogs on the net (a Blog is a realtime journal or diary). With .NU Domain’s free blogging service, users can even use their cell phones to post to or read their Blogs from the road, using any e-mail client or their cell phone’s Web browser or WAP gateway.

“Rupert Murdoch was right when he said that people will no longer accept news packages being served up to them by a handful of ‘News Gods’. The news flow from Blogs is much more free and open and can bring you exactly the information you want from different sources,” said J. William Semich, founder and CEO of .NU Domain. Semich created the Internet’s first commercial daily news feed website, PlugIn Datamation, in 1994.

The .NU blog service with RSS is free for all users of .NU domain names. .NU domain also offers a stand-alone blogging service for a nominal cost of $15 per year including registration of a .NU domain name.

For existing holders of .NU domain names, the free blogging site is reached via a third level domain above the “Blogga.NU” domain. If the customer’s registered domain name is “heaven.nu”, for example, the customer’s .NU blog site can be found at “heaven.blogga.nu.” The free blogging service includes pre-built home page templates, password protection, image uploading (150k limit) and the possibility to design your own logo and html-templates.

.NU Domain was the first blogging service provider to offer moblogging, where blogs can be viewed and updated using a mobile phone. The free blogging service is available to .NU domain name holders for as long as their .NU domain name is active.
About .NU Domain Ltd
.NU Domain Ltd, a US-based private corporation, is the leading commercial Top Level Domain Name Registry serving Northern Europe. It is also the only Top Level Domain in the world that can support the complete UNICODE international character set in Web addresses, using its unique patent-pending technology. .NU Domain Ltd targets international end users and the small office/home office (SOHO) market.

Besides its free blogging service for customers at http://www.blogga.nu, .NU Domain Ltd also offers free domain name parking services for customers who need to lock in a domain name but have no immediate plans to use it, and, for a small annual fee, the .NU InstantWeb Service which provides a quick, five-page mini Web site with blog pages, or URL forwarding for your .NU domain name to a Yahoo, AOL or other personal Web site without a unique domain name, and .NU InstantMail Forwarding so AOL, Hotmail and other mail service users can have a unique .NU mail address. You can visit .NU Domain Ltd on the World Wide Web at http://www.nunames.nu.