.NU Domain Announces Zero-Tolerance Policy For Spamming, Blasts Network Solutions for its Pro-Spam Policies

.NU Domain Announces Zero-Tolerance Policy For Spamming, Blasts Network Solutions for its Pro-Spam Policies

Fastest Growing Top Level Domain Vows to Revoke Domain Names of Spammers

Alofi, Niue, Polynesia, April 6, 1998 – The .NU Domain, the fastest growing Top Level Domain (TLD) name on the Internet, today announced a Zero-Tolerance Policy for spamming, that includes instant ISP source location on any spammers and the revoking of domain names for customers who spam. Unlike the ubiquitous .com domain, which provides easy access for spam abusers, the .NU Domain has instituted an aggressive antispamming policy and will not tolerate spamming with its domain names.

J. William Semich, president of the .NU Domain called on Network Solutions Inc. (NSI), the sole registrar for the .com, .net and .org domains, to take speedy action to implement its own antispam policies, and to require payment in advance for all domain name registrations. Currently Network Solutions has no such antispam policy for revoking domain names registered under .com, .net or .org.

“The biggest spammers and the grossest abusers all use .com and .net because they can register anonymously, never have to pay anything to set up shop, and can easily register another name at no cost once their previous domain name has been listed in the Internet’s spam filters,” Semich said

“If NSI had taken a strong stand against spam three years ago, the problem likely wouldn’t exist today,” Semich continued.

When registering a .com domain name there is effectively no verification requirement by NSI for a valid user name, email address or other contact information. In practice, NSI also permits users of its domains to enter invalid name server information and, as part of its registration process, gives spammers a permanent domain name address on the Internet by permanently registering name server host names into the Internet’s Root Server system. NSI also still does not require its customers to pay in advance for a registration, which would at least assure entry of some kind of valid payment or credit card information with the registration. Since there is no way for Internet users who have been spammed to track the true owner of such a domain name, it is easy for spammers to use the .com domain to propagate bulk email and other spam anonymously.

As part of its antispam policy, the .NU Domain offers users who have been spammed instant access to the spammer’s ISP information despite any domain name cloaking efforts by the spammer. An online real-time search engine at the .NU web site (http://www.nunames.nu) provides a surefire mechanism to locate the spammer, identify its ISP, and validate the spammer’s email address. If any of this required information is revealed to be invalid or false, the domain name is revoked. Even if all the information is correct, spammers who use the .NU domain for sending or receiving a response to spam or for a spam-focused Web hosting service, will also loose their right to a .NU Domain name.

The .NU Domain’s Zero-Tolerance Policy has already been tested and implemented. The domain name e-marketing.nu was revoked by the .NU Domain for serving as Web host, email service and domain name server for several spam sites. The .NU domain names that have been revoked due to spam are put on indefinite hold, making it impossible for the spammer to just re-register the domain name under another user name.

Additionally, the .NU Domain’s .NU Shared Registry, the Internet’s first active International TLD Shared Registry, has implemented an antispamming policy, that prohibits its partners from using spam to promote services. Partners must also agree to abide by the .NU Domain’s overall antispam policies as well.

About The .NU Domain Ltd The .NU Domain is the fastest growing Top Level Domain on the Internet. With technical support and offices in the US and in the Island of Niue, it has registered over 9,800 domain names since becoming active on the Internet’s root servers just a few months ago. The .NU Domain offers a robust but low-cost alternative to the .com domain name in an international model which targets end users and the small office/home office (SOHO) market, as well as Internet users in countries with restrictions on the domain name registration process. Current .NU registered customers are located in dozens of counties throughout the world, including Sweden, Norway, the UK, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, the Canary Islands, Australia, Canada and the Philippines, as well as the US.

In January, the .NU Domain announced availability of the .NU Shared Registry, the Internet’s first active International TLD Shared Registry. The .NU Shared Registry now has over 30 partners world wide.

The .NU Domain also offers the .NU InstantWeb Service which provides a complete Web package, including .NU Domain Name, Web Hosting or Web Forwarding and e-mail forwarding capabilities for $49.95. The .NU InstantWeb Forwarding service offers a simple distinguishable .NU Domain name to the millions of AOL, GeoCities and other customers who have unrecognizable Web site names. You can visit The .NU Domain on the World Wide Web at www.nunames.nu.