.NU Domain Announces Policy To Protect Customers’ Privacy

.NU Domain Announces Policy To Protect Customers’ Privacy

.NU Domain Privacy Policy Restricts Personal Info in Whois Database

Medfield, MA, October 25, 1999 – The .NU Domain Ltd (www.nunames.nu), one of the fastest growing Top Level Domain (TLD) names on the Internet, today announced its Privacy Policy, which protects the personal information of its customers by keeping the data on its Whois database, private. Whois is commonly used to search for domain names and determine if they are available to register or not.

“When the domain name registration systems were initially set up, domain name registrants were generally corporations or research and educational institutions,” said J. William Semich, President and Founder of .NU Domain Ltd. “Now millions of private individuals, and not companies, are registering the majority of domain names. And many of these users are under the age of 18. Policies need to be established to protect these individuals from spam, or from harassment and stalking, by anonymous people who gather personal information from publicly accessible Whois databases.”

Under .NU Domain’s Privacy Policy, only a domain name, its status and the date of its registration is made available via the .NU public Whois database at whois.nic.nu. Additional information about .NU Domain names – including technical contact information and a contact email address for the domain name holder – can still be obtained at the .NU registration site, using the .NU Domain’s registration database search engine. But this information can not be obtained in an anonymous manner, nor be scanned using automated Whois capture software.

.NU Domain’s private Whois data policies contrast to Network Solutions’ (NASDAQ: NSOL) Whois database, which makes all the personal and technical contact information about holders of .com, .org, .net and .edu publicly available. With Network Solutions’ Whois database, the domain name holder’s name, personal residence and telephone number is all publicly displayed. Other Registrars for .com, .net and .org also make this personal information available via their Whois database.

“We understand that there may be need for trademark holders or law enforcement agencies or other officials to access information regarding a domain name holder and we have established a policy for providing access when necessary,” continued Semich.

Under the .NU Domain Privacy Policy, if someone such as a law enforcement organization or a trademark attorney, needs contact information about a domain name holder, the person is required to submit a statement to .NU Domain Ltd identifying who they are, and why they need the information, before private information is provided to them. If they can not justify a valid need for this information, the information is withheld.

“We believe that anonymous persons should not be able to have open access to all information about anyone who has registered a .NU Domain name,” added Semich. “We have a requirement that all contact information about a domain name holder must be valid and verifiable. But by not protecting our customers’ privacy, we are making it difficult for many of them to comply.”

As an example, when a recent registrant for a .NU Domain name who registered the name for a Teen Rock and Roll Fan site provided unverifiable contact information for the name, it was deactivated and put on “hold” status while the customer was asked for valid information. The customer – a 15-year old teenager – declined to do so in order to protect her privacy. Under these new terms, the customer has agreed to comply and has provided full contact information for the domain name.

About .NU Domain Ltd

. NU Domain Ltd, a US-based private corporation, offers the only competitive alternative to Network Solutions’ (NASDAQ:NSOL) .com domain name. The .NU Domain Ltd targets end users and the small office/home office (SOHO) market, as well as Internet users in countries with restrictions on the domain name registration process. The .NU Domain is the fastest growing TLD on the Internet.

Current .NU registered customers are located in dozens of countries throughout the world, including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Norway, Italy, the UK, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand, Finland, Indonesia, Belgium, Singapore, France, the Canary Islands, Australia, Canada and the Philippines, as well as the US.

The list of registered .NU Domain names ranges from personal sites, like the Swedish floor ball team Södra Kärr at http://www.sodrakarr.nu and the Leonardo DiCaprio fan site, www.dicaprio.nu to names registered by large corporations including entertainment software publisher, Blizzard Entertainment at www.starcraft.nu, the Renault Group at www.renault.nu, International Data Group Corp. at www.idg.nu, The Coca-Cola Bottling Company at www.coca-cola.nu and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. at www.goodyear.nu.

.NU Domain Ltd offers .NU InstantWeb™ Service that provides URL forwarding for your .NU domain name to a GeoCities, Tripod or other Web site, and E-Mail Forwarding so AOL, GeoCities, Hotmail and other mail service users can have a unique .NU mail address. You can visit .NU Domain Ltd on the World Wide Web at www.nunames.nu.