New Internet Domain Name, “.NU,” Now Available for Everyone Worldwide

New Internet Domain Name, “.NU,” Now Available for Everyone Worldwide

New Domain Name With Wide-Open Name Availability, Fast, Simple Registration Process, and Low $25 Registration Fee Now Active

Alofi, Niue, Polynesia, November 10, 1997 – The .NU Domain today announced an all-new Internet domain name, .NU, which offers a simple name registration process, instant online name assignment, a low $25 registration fee and less-than-twenty-four hour activation of newly-registered .NU domain names across the Internet’s root name servers. Unlike the depleted .com domain, with more than 1 million names already used up, the .NU Domain is an all new domain name, with wide-open availability of just about any name a new Internet user might want. The number of computers directly connected to the Internet has increased by 500% over the past three years, up from 3.2 million in 1994 to about 20 million now. More recently, the number of businesses and individuals creating Web sites has also been growing steadily, (rising by 250% in just the first six months of this year). “When you consider there can only be one “” or just one “”, it’s no surprise Internet users are clamoring for a new Top Level Domain name to register under,” said J. William Semich, technical manager of the .NU Domain. Figuring out how to register a domain name has also been a daunting task for many users who are new to the Internet, especially those outside the US where several constraints and high costs limit the availability of unique domain names. “With the .NU Domain, Internet users can have their first choice of a domain name once again, and can couple it with a cool “NU” domain name,” said Richard St. Clair, manager of the Savage Island Network, the ISP for the island-nation of Niue (pronounced “new-way”). Niue is the South Pacific source of the .NU country code for the .NU Domain.

Recent registration activity at the .NU Domain shows strong pent-up demand for a fresh, new alternative to the .com domain name. “International interest is particularly high, with about half of all .NU registrations coming from throughout the world, including Sweden, Norway, the UK, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, Singapore, the Canary Islands, Australia and the Philippines, as well as from the US,” said Stafford Guest, administrative manager of the .NU Domain in Niue.

NU Internet Suffix for the Country of NIUE

In addition to the popular .com, .net and .org Top Level Domains (TLDs), Internet regulations allow for the creation of more than 200 other TLDs based on the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) two-letter abbreviations or country codes for national entities. These are the same codes used by the International Postal Service to indicate a country’s mailing address such as France (FR), Italy (IT) and Germany (DE). .NU is the Country Code TLD for the South Pacific island-nation of Niue and was just recently delegated and activated for use on the Internet. Other Country Code Domains include .UK in Great Britain, .SE in Sweden and .JP in Japan. Because Niue is a little-known country, unlike Japan or the United Kingdom, for example, its Country Code domain name carries little national identity outside its borders. It is therefor expected it will become popular not only because of its affiliation with a Polynesian island paradise, but also because of its “newness”. Examples of .NU Domain names registered for the “new” meaning include ““, ““, “” and “”

In addition, the word “nu” means “now” in Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch) and several hundred Scandinavian users have already rushed to register names like ““, “” and “”

End Users and SOHO Are Key Target Market

Several corporations have already registered .NU Domain names as secondary URLs, including, and However, the .NU Domain is principally targeting end users and the small office/home office market who are looking for a unique Internet domain name that is quick and easy to register at a low cost.

DNS Server Architecture

The .NU Domain represents an all-new approach to Internet domain name registration services. Its primary name server,, is located at a three-way multi-homed, high-bandwidth, fault tolerant 45 Mbps Internet access point in the US; it is backed by seven powerful secondary name servers located throughout the world to give its users fast international DNS lookup capability no matter where they are located. The primary name server for the .NU Domain is located at a commercial Internet access point in Boston, MA with connections to the Internet’s US backbone jointly provided by GTE Internetworking, Sprint, and UUNet. Secondary name servers are located at principal international Internet access hubs in Europe (provided by INRIA in France, the registrar for the .FR domain, by SUNET in Sweden, the registrar for the .SE domain and by EU.Net in Holland, a pan-European Internet service), in the Asia-Pacific region (provided by Telstra, the Telecom provider and primary Internet backbone service for Australia as well as for several South East Asian nations, and by the University of Wakaito in New Zealand, the registrar for the .NZ domain), by Internet Africa in South Africa, as well as by UUNet in the US, Europe and Asia.

Pricing and Availability

The initial .NU registration fee is a low $25, with an annual renewal fee of $25. The .NU Domain is now active and is accepting registrations from Internet users throughout the world. In contrast, Network Solutions Inc. charges $100 to register a .com domain name, and $50 per year after the first two years.

About The .NU Domain

The .NU Domain is managed by the Internet Users Society – Niue, and the Savage Island Network in Niue, with cooperation from the government of Niue. Key players in launching the .NU Domain include J. William Semich, technical manager in the US, Stafford Guest, administrative manager in Niue and Richard St. Clair, founder of the Savage Island Network in Niue and the primary force behind bringing the Internet to Niue. Semich is also an editor at Mecklermedia Corp’s Internet newspaper, Web Week. St. Clair is also a Peace Corp. volunteer who managers Niue’s government computing systems. Guest is also the editor and publisher of the Niue Economic Review and is the Niue correspondent for New Zealand International Radio.

The .NU Domain offers a robust but low-cost alternative to the .com domain name in an international model which targets end users and the small office/home office (SOHO) market, as well as Internet users in countries with restrictions on the domain name registration process. Current .NU registered customers are located in more than a dozen counties throughout the world, including Sweden, Norway, the UK, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, France, the Canary Islands, Australia, Canada and the Philippines, as well as the US. To access the .NU registration service please visit our web site at www.nunames.NU. Samples of Web pages developed by .NU Domain customers include, and For additional .NU URLs, see